Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Favorites


My Katsura Trees

_MG_8748with heart-shaped leaves

FallPoster4de409b825ff4871bbef24c2d629e24ayummy warm deliciousness in the form of the new Marbled Cinnamon Mocha and the new Toffee Mocha at Starbucks

_MG_9563My new travel mug, which has the best design ever and keeps my coffee HOT for over an hour!

_MG_9246  Apples

_MG_9253   at the apple farm

_MG_9255 and all that type of wonderful goodness.

_MG_9259_MG_9263_MG_9298_MG_9304_MG_9314_MG_9317      _MG_9359 _MG_9360 Cuteness at the pumpkin patch

_MG_9364Here is where my list of fall favorites takes a break. Not that I don’t love this old wagon filled with pumpkins. I completely do. But usually, my kids climb all over it, we take fun pictures, no problem. But today…

_MG_9358 A microsecond after I took this shot, that pumpkin Becca was leaning on started to roll, and when one pumpkin rolls, many pumpkins roll, and so do little girls. She, and about 6 pumpkins went rolling off the front of the wagon. She did a complete flip, landing on her face on a pumpkin. I was scooping her up as quick as I could, but the pumpkins kept rolling off the wagon. It was like when you’re at the grocery store and pick up an apple and all the apples start tumbling. Only with pumpkins and my baby, tumbling onto cement. Thankfully, Becca was not hurt, nor did any pumpkin smashing occur. We did break off a few stems, though. If you look at the picture of all the pumpkins on the wagon, (actually taken after the accident), you’ll see a couple pumpkins with half-broken off stems. That was the worst of the damage. The owner wasn’t very happy with us and acted like the kids should never have been up there. “Round things roll, you know,” he said to us. So, I guess now we know, and perhaps a “stay off the pumpkins” sign is in order…

Back to my favorites…


a traditional shot

_MG_9368 We always get their cider donuts. Can someone say Delicious? Notice there are no pictures of the actual donuts. I think they were gone in about half a minute…

_MG_9409 a new feature at the farm this’s fun to mow like a cow when you’re “dressed” like a cow!

_MG_9429 The annual trek to pick apples and visit the pumpkin patch is always done with friends. It’s a favorite day.

_MG_9438 _MG_9453_MG_9455

There are a few more things I still need to get pictures of to add to my list of Fall Favorites, but it definitely seems like my favorite season has arrived!

(Dee & Amy – I’ll be emailing more pictures to you eventually!)


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Mother Superior said...

Thanks for including pics of the grandkids for me to enjoy along with your kids. Wish I could have been there with you this year.