Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last day of school, 2010

Last week Friday was the last day of school for the year 2010! The morning began with the K-4 Christmas program, for which people arrive 70 minutes early in order to secure a good seat. Yes, I will admit to being one of those people. But, at least I actually sit there to reserve my seats. Other people come in, string some ribbon across a bunch of seats, or put “Reserved” on paper and tape it to the chairs and then LEAVE! There’s something just wrong with that. If you’re gonna get good seats and reserve them, I say, you gotta do the time and sit there. It’s not actually that awful. The moms bring coffee and everyone chats. Then the kids start to walk in with their capes and bows and all the crazy moms (yes, I am also one of those) go up to the front to get pictures. I’m sure that someone took a picture of all the moms taking pictures. It’s pretty funny to see.


I only have one in a cape and a bow this year. But she’s a cutie.


That’s Becca with her friend whispering in her ear. They did a fair bit of that. And then the boy in front is the boy who calls my daughter his girlfriend. He’s saving his money to buy her a house. Good boy.


She did watch the director when she was singing, though!


Then it was time for classroom parties! Decorating Christmas cookies and eating them was obviously a highlight!




There’s that boy again. I {heart} him.


Then they made angels with ice cream cones, frosting, pretzels, tootsie pops, and a life saver. So cute.


Bethany’s class was playing Christmas bingo with M&M’s when I visited. I think she was having fun.

After the day was done, we headed home for an afternoon together before heading out to a concert up in Canada. More on that to come later…

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