Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deep Breath

With a deep breath and a whole lot of prayers, I am jumping into something new. Well, it's sort of new. I'm offering a photography class (photography is not new to me, nor is teaching) to home-schooled Junior High Students on Thursday mornings, beginning April 14! I have a new blog, JBCreations, so check it out! Feel free to pass along the information and to say a prayer that this venture will be blessed by God and will be a blessing to those that take it, to me, and to our family. Thanks!


dee said...

YEAH! Good for you Julie! I am praying for you!

The Mom said...

I am so excited I almost wish I was a homeschooled Jr. High aged kid but not quite. :) Would you ever offer it to non-homeschooled children? How about adults? Just curious.

Julie said...

I will see how this first class goes before I decide about non-homeschooled children and/or adults. :) But thanks for the encouragement to both of you!!