Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Run, Sarah, Run!

So the Cross Country season has officially begun and we LoVe IT!! Sarah really has enjoyed participating in XC and in track and is so excited to continue! This past summer she went to the fair with some friends. One of her friend’s dad’s was working at the Republican booth and so they all stopped by there to say hi and check it out. Sarah ended up buying a $1 button (which she turned into a magnet for her locker). Know what it says?

LOL! So, that’s our new motto. Run, Sarah, RUN!

Yesterday was the first meet of the season and it was a blast! My favorite part of a XC meet is watching the kids cheer each other on. It’s a completely positive and encouraging environment…100%! I even saw one team (not ours) go back and finish the race with the very last place runner. And all the kids who were in the area as they headed towards the finish line joined in and all the parents cheered. Does my heart good.

Anyway, my Sarah…she took THIRD place (although we have heard that the 2nd place runner was disqualified, so she may have actually scored 2nd for her team)! She had her PR of 10:07! The girl ahead of her ran a 9:44, so her new goal is to catch that girl. The first place runner ran an 8:52 (GULP!) so she’s pretty much in a league all her own. She has a personal trainer and runs nationally, so I think she’s pretty safe in that top spot.


But there’s my girl. I’m so proud of her and who she is becoming as she grows up. God has big plans for her and I think XC is just one of the things He is using to shape and mold her for working in His Kingdom! Plus, it’s pretty fun to watch her do so well. Smile

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