Wednesday, October 26, 2011

End of an era

Last week we watched Sarah’s last XC race as a middle-schooler! Next year in High School XC she will run twice as far in races, so it could all be very different. She wanted to make her last race her best and she was pretty pumped on the day of the race!

Just before she ran, I found her and gave her a special message from her Aunt Susanne: “Think like Lighting McQueen. Speed. I am Speed.” She grinned and giggled and off she went!

It must have been the special message because that girl ran like SPEED for the entire race! And she had nothing left in the tank afterwards, which is how she likes to feel at the finish, so she was happy.


That’s her coming in towards the chute…she’s tired, but she was running strong.

I so wish I had a picture of the look on her face when Bethany showed her my stopwatch with her time of 9:43!! She said, “Yes! I did it!” and I did a little jump myself. (There I go again, being an obnoxious parent). Her goal was to come in 3rd, which she did, and to beat her PR, which she did (previous PR was 10:07) and, if possible, to run under 10:00, which she did!! Congratulations on a great season, Sarah B! I can’t wait for track…but, oh wait…we’ve got basketball first…

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