Saturday, December 24, 2011

End of the season

Sarah’s basketball season ended pretty well. She improved, though not as much as she wanted to, but she’s far too hard on herself. The team went undefeated and, more importantly, grew & matured in both their knowledge of the game and the concept of teamwork. I was really impressed with the coach and his dedication and we are thankful Sarah had this opportunity to play basketball for her school. We’re not sure what the future holds as far as basketball for her, since running is what she loves and excels at so far, and basketball season in high school falls during the school musical, which she might like to be involved in at some point. Whether she plays basketball for LC again or not, we’re sure God has great plans for this girl in high school!


Putting up some good defense, as usual.


Looking to pass to a teammate…


And pass complete!


Sarah saw me focus in on her while she was on the bench and decided to stick her tongue out at her mother. Never a wise choice for a teenager…


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