Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Great Christmas Tree Adventure of 2011

Okay, so there wasn’t anything so majorly exciting about our adventure to cut down and then decorate our Christmas tree…except that I think this year our tree is one of the prettiest we’ve ever had!

We headed east and south to our favorite tree farm, Alpine Meadows, and once there, headed towards the road since we had found a beautiful tree there in that area last year and it was not “picked over” like other areas of the farm. It wasn’t long and we had decided on our tree and so had M&D.



We have a tradition of holding up one of the girls to be the “angel” on top of the tree for the annual Christmas tree farm picture. Sarah pointed out that it had been several years since she had a turn, so Ed obliged her by picking her up so she could be the angel!


Elise thought perhaps she should haul the tree back to the cabin after we cut it down…maybe not, Elise.


Later that night, we decorated the tree, as well as our two fake trees – this little one above where I put all the girls’ snowflake pictures that my parents made with them several times or from preschool, and another skinny fake tree we bought this year for our front window.


This cracks me up! I think Elise just kissed that ornament because she was so happy to see it again! If you look closely, you can see Sarah peering at her out of the corners of her eyes. Hee hee.




Ed was the official photographer for the tree decorating event and I thought this shot was quite artsy! I’m wondering if it was Sarah’s idea…


It was also Sarah’s turn to place the tree topper on the tree. But alas! She is not tall enough to do it alone! Woo-hoo!


She needed a boost from her daddy. Thankfully Ed didn’t put his back out by picking this “child” up twice in one day! LOL!


The girls in front of our completed & beautiful tree!


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