Friday, December 30, 2011

White Capes & Red Bows

Absolutely one of my favorite days of the year…the elementary Christmas program. Since the beginning of time (or at least since I was in elementary school), white capes & red crepe paper bows have been the traditional dress of elementary school children at the annual Christmas program. It’s corny and amazingly awesome and beautiful.

This year, I was WORKING on the day of the program, so I had the honor of escorting my kindergarteners over to the high school gym and helping them get their coats off before they ascended the bleachers and found their seat. This also meant that I was not able to be in the gym at the crack of dawn to save seats for the rest of my family. Ed had that duty this year and he did quite well – 4th row, center aisle. Good job, dear! Anyway, I *did* get to sit in the front row and so had a great view of certain things – not so great of other things, as you can see from the pictures!


These are my sweet Kindergarteners! I say “my”, but I’m just an aide in their classroom…but I still call them “my class.” I absolutely adore and love each and every one of them. I took this shot just after they all sat down and were waiting for the other Kindergarteners to come and fill in the bleachers below.


This, however, is my favoritist Kindergartener of all! Look at that corny grin – window in her mouth and flyaway hair. Love. it. all.


My sweet 2nd grader with one of her BFF’s!


She was ready to sing and boy, did she! Sang her heart out to *every* song!

Watch the entire elementary sing “For Unto us a Child is Born” here.


Here are all the Kindergarteners!

Watch the Kindergarteners sing “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” here. This was written just for them BY their music teacher!


Here’s Becca singing “Hot Chocolate” – obviously one of the favorites of the kids. I don’t have a video link for that one, but I’m asking around.

Watch the 2nd graders sing “Where did He come from?” here.


See – I didn’t have great angles to get shots of the many other kids we know in the program…this is one of the best.


During the last song, “Ere Zij God”, Becca & her BFF smiled and stared at each other the entire time. It was so cute. Later, her BFF’s mom told me that her daughter said, “I looked at Becca through that whole song because that song makes Becca cry and I wanted her to keep smiling.” Awwwww. And yes, it does make us all cry. You can read about why here.

And here’s the video of this year’s version.

Until next year…

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DeJongs said...

Love the beauty that surround your girls. Thank you for sharing these special moments.