Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The last Snow fun before the wind…

Today was cold. The northeasterly winds began last night and we woke up to frigid temperatures. Like 19 below zero with the wind chill. The snow from yesterday had turned into interesting swirls and drifts around the yard and there was no more playing outside in the white stuff. But before the wind picked up last night and the sun set completely, I got a few more pictures of the pretty scenery.



Evidence of the wind beginning to pick up…no more snow on the bare branches and sliding off the roof in interesting patterns…




The big field out back is great fun when it snows.

Tomorrow is another snow day, and then we have off school on Friday for a previously scheduled teacher work day, so that equals a full week off from school. We’ve only had two weeks of school since Christmas break, so it was a little long, but we definitely made the most of the situation! Movies and organizing and reading and relaxing and games and baking and gazing at Pinterest, blogs, and Facebook. The kids have had fun, too! Winking smile

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