Thursday, January 26, 2012

Overdue Post

Remember this?


These two girls were pretty excited about their Kindles. They’re also pretty excited about these:


These are the Kindle Covers I made for them! It took a couple friends’ help in order to find the right books and figure out the process exactly, but we were all really excited to finish them before the end of Christmas vacation.


I can’t really provide a good tutorial, because it was kind of a “see-as-you-go” process, but I used the cover of an old book, some quilted fabric (which comes two sided), elastic, hem tape (the stuff you iron on), and hot glue. I used the Kindle itself as my guide for measuring and made it up as we went along. I think they turned out great!


The left side, with the button, is for storage and transporting the Kindle. The right side is for holding it while you’re reading, though sometimes they prefer to just take the Kindle out while they’re reading it. It’s nice, though, for those times you just want to hold a book in your hand, or might need to put it down fast.


I cut a slit in the elastic and used Fray Check in order to make the button holes…real technical.


It really was an easy project and someday when my sweet husband buys me a Kindle Fire or an iPad, I’m going to make one for myself and for his iPad.

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