Friday, March 23, 2012

A visit to the farm

My Cackleberry Farm friend invited us over for a little field trip. Apparently, even though the weather doesn’t yet know it is spring, the animals on her farm do…she has baby kittens, baby chicks, aaaaannnnnnndddddd……





a baby lamb!!!

Baby Sugar was born about a week ago to beautiful Mama Shirley. When we walked out towards the field to see them, Mama took a protective stance.


She made sure she stood between the predator and her offspring.

Eventually she decided we probably weren’t horrible, so she loosened up a bit, but stayed close to her babe the entire time we were there.



No, the chicken is not on Mama Shirley’s back…just on a log behind her. I was at a bad angle, but I just love Mama and Babe running together.


Shaun the sheep wasn’t getting too much attention, what with all the babies around, but she posed nicely for the photographer. And yes, Shaun is a girl sheep.


Mama Shirley, always protecting Sugar and keeping her eye on the predator with the big black box for an eye.


And what’s a visit to Cackleberry Farm without a chicken photo or three?




When we left Cackleberry Farm, the girls said, “Why can’t WE have a farm like that?” Because my dears, while it’s a lot of fun to have baby animals, it’s also a lot of work. Case in point: my Cackleberry Farm friend butchers chickens. Herself. At that, we all decided it was great to have friends with a fun farm to visit. Thanks, farmers!


Melissa said...

Cute post! Love the animals :)

The Mom said...

You are welcome to come to our 'farm' anytime! What great pics!