Monday, April 2, 2012

Rodeo iPhone Pics

Last week the Kindergarteners ended their study of armadillos with a good old-fashioned rodeo. Well, sort of. Elise & I had a lot of fun together with ALL the kindergarteners on the last afternoon of school before spring break began. I only had my phone along for pictures, but I think they’re pretty fun.


At the coloring center


Stick horse races



A wagon ride pulled by real live horses! The first & second graders were out for recess when it was our turn for the wagon ride and as we rode around the school property the kids followed and waved and chased us. It was almost like riding on the fire truck with the championship basketball team!




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Tamara said...

looks like it was so much fun! know that second to last photo? the one of you and elise? yeah. i miss those girls. sigh. :)