Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break is over…

…which means that there are 9 weeks of school left…

…and track starts tomorrow for Sarah…

…and all kinds of crazy busy things will happen in the next 9 weeks…

…things like me going to Michigan for GEMS…Ed going to Arizona for work…Sarah turning 14…Ed, Sarah, & Bethany traveling to Texas to visit Ed’s step-dad…lots of track meets…Sarah attending Honors Band…Science Fair Experiment…Native American clothespin doll project…Mosaic team project for Sarah…field trips…Elise turning 6…GEMS Sunday…GEMS Camp…GEMS Counselor Finale…and so on…

Not to mention that our house is for sale.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.

Well, before I give in to all of that, here’s a little recap of our spring break.

1. Sleeping in. 2. Cleaning.

That’s pretty much it. Oh, and a little bit of playing with friends in the neighborhood, movie watching, and coffee dates.

By the time we got to Friday, we were ready to have a break from the responsibilities of the house, so we took off for the Great White North (that’d be Canada) and explored a new park recommended by my favorite Canadian: Mill Lake Park! We had loads of fun and the relaxation was exactly what we needed. Any outing that ends with lying in the grass in the sun finding shapes in the clouds is a very good outing, for sure.


Playing on one of 3 very cool playgrounds





Look! The sun came out!



Um, this bald eagle is lost I think. I wonder if they check HIS passport when he crosses the border…



Always a willing model…especially when I say “Show me the window in your mouth!”




This guy is in the right place. He’s looking for hand-outs, of course. The sign says: “Please do not feed the geese and ducks.” I’m pretty sure they get fed, though. Those were extremely domesticated birds.



I believe that those tall black birds are cormorants, if I am remembering correctly from my Senior Biology days in high school. Maybe my brothers or dad can confirm or deny?



Plenty of opportunities for tree climbing and making one’s mother’s heart skip a beat…





And blooming trees, too!


After we had walked around the entire lake and played on all 3 playgrounds, completed the work-out circuit, climbed several trees, and the sun was out, we played Frisbee on the large grassy area, ate cookies (of course!) and laid on the grass and watched the clouds. Perfect.

Later on Good Friday we were able to attend church and spend time with friends. On Saturday Ed & I had an errand/coffee/see houses date in the morning and we all worked in the yard in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day! Today was Easter, a blessed day and will be the topic of the next blog post. Stay tuned!

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Randy said...

Yes. Cormorants.