Friday, June 22, 2012

Camera phone dump

In an effort to quickly tell a few stories, I’m uploading a fair number of iPhone pictures to the blog today…

Walk for Life

Back in May, Bethany & Sarah participated in the county Walk for Life fundraiser to raise money for the local pregnancy clinic that helps moms choose LIFE. Bethany’s friend in the black sweatshirt is adopted and this is a cause that she works hard for every year. It was a great honor to participate with her. They all ran a 5K this year!

Memorial Day Show

While Ed & the older girls were gone to Texas, we spent a fair bit of time with our neighbors. The little girls put on shows. What you see on their faces are little Q-tips taped to their cheeks. Why? Cordless mics, of course!

Texas gift

My gift from Texas – branding sticks with my favorite number and letter!


One head after another…and one uncooperative one as well…which I didn’t even notice until afterwards.

birthday donut

birthday morning donut!

first berries

Berry season has begun…mmmmmmm

fathers day pic

For those of you not on Facebook, this was our little Father’s Day greeting for Ed – Sarah cut it out and while we had to wait ALL WEEK to get sunshine for the shadow, it was sure a fun surprise!

All for now…GEMS Camp, Elise’s birthday, DIY projects, etc…all coming up soon!

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