Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spinny Chair

Sarah’s been wanting a spinny chair for her desk in her room for a long time, but neither of us have been willing to pay the price of a new one. We’ve been on the hunt for something used that we can spruce up a bit. We finally found it!


Thrift store, heavy-duty metal spinny chair in pea green, $9. PERFECT!


We bought fabric on clearance at JoAnn’s (paid $3.54 for one yard) and I walked Sarah through step-by-step…first I had to teach her how to iron. Since I don’t iron but about once a year, this isn’t something she’s just picked up on naturally. Thankfully, ironing a large piece of fabric flat is a pretty easy job.


Next we cut off a hunk of fabric and started staple-gunning the seat cushion in a re-upholstery-type fashion.



Then we had to figure out the top.

taking apart the back

Found some screws that were holding the two pieces together, so we unscrewed them and found…

two pieces of back

Orange leather!! Also a “People’s State Bank” sticker, so this must have been a bank chair in a previous life.

We covered both pieces of the top in the same fashion as the bottom seat cushion and………



…a super-cute-like-new-spinny-chair for $12.54 + tax! Way cuter than anything new in that price range, not to mention that I got to teach the girl a few crafty tricks!


Tamara said...

it looks SO GOOD! i'm excited to see it in person. so glad i was there for you when you sent me the photo from the thrift store......!

Melissa said...

Super cute! Good job Sarah! :)