Sunday, September 16, 2012

Meets 1, 2, 3, & 4

Well, unfortunately all these pictures are from the first meet of the season for Sarah. The 2nd one I couldn’t be at because I was at my GEMS Fall Workshop in Bellevue and Ed didn’t take any pictures. The 3rd one she didn’t run in because she was at her freshman retreat and the 4th one was in Port Angeles and required an overnight trip!! But, this will serve as the official update on her Cross Country season thus far…

Meet 1: @ Peace Arch. LC Girls won. LC Boys took third. Several Seniors were missing because of the Senior Bio hike. A few other runners were missing because they hadn’t had enough practices. It was a great meet – Sarah’s first 3 mile race! She took 6th, was the 4th LC runner, and ran a 23:06. Then she puked. Which earned her a blizzard from the coach. Apparently it’s like a rite of passage or badge of honor to puke after a race. It was a hot day and she admitted to not having drank enough water throughout the day. So, while it is a rite of passage, it’s not necessarily something we need to repeat…but it was a great meet and a great way to start the season!



The LC girl right behind Sarah is MacKenzie and she is about our #2 or #3 runner generally. She did beat Sarah in the end of this race. She’s a sophomore and having a stellar year so far! She & Sarah ran together most of the race, which was super fun for them both and for us to watch.



Coming up the hill. Those girls are strong!

6-XC @ Peace Arch 9-5-12 A

These pics are from the Bellingham Herald online gallery.

5-XC @ Peace Arch 9-5-12 B

Meet #2 was a Sehome invitation with a ton of big schools. Sarah placed 13th out of 64 freshman girls. It was a 2 mile race and her time was 14:22 – great time!

Meet #3 was the LC home meet she missed, but the team overall had an OK day…not their best, but not bad.

Meet # 4 was a Salt Creek Park Invitational near Port Angeles. The top 7 are considered Varsity for this meet and got to leave school at 11:00 on Friday to catch the ferry over to the peninsula. They camped on the beach and then ran in the morning. Sarah was 39th out of 72 runners with a time of 20:56. She was the 4th LC runner. This meet was also against HUGE schools. We’re 1A and there were 2A, 3A, and 4A schools competing in this meet. Great experience for them!

Coming up this week is a local meet for both Sarah & Bethany and then on Saturday will be the Silver Lake Invitational which is our favorite meet of the year! Thankfully it looks as though we won’t freeze this year!! I’m so proud of both the girls for competing in XC – it’s not an easy sport…it absolutely takes strength and determination and character.

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