Wednesday, November 7, 2012

iPhone photo dump

Those moments when hauling out/along the big camera is just tough…those moments when I’m feeling lazy…those moments when I want to send a picture or post a picture online immediately…that’s when I use my iPhone to take pictures…


Way back when, this cute girl in the middle had a birthday. And then a while later she had a birthday party. We spent a few hours at a local pottery painting place where these girls giggled and painted and designed travel mugs. Lunch at Milt’s followed by an afternoon of crafts at our house was just what these 3 friends ordered!


Way back when, this girl was VIP of the week in her classroom. The picture-taking episode was her teacher’s first glimpse into the style & flair that is Becca.


Spirit Week at school Day #1: “90210” Huh? What does that mean? Dress like the TV show? I should think not! And if so, which one? But surely not. So, dress like CA? When it’s 40 degrees out? Brrr. So, we went with “fashion” – as high as we get…sunglasses, jewelry, lots of make-up, and boots. Good enough.


Spirit Week, another day: Super Hero. She’s Black Widow. From the Avengers.


One of Becca’s b-day gifts was several rolls of fancy duct tape with some instructions for making different items. We made this tote bag the other day – pretty cute and fun to do!


First high school band concert…in her formal black band gown, which she loved wearing. I’m sure she’ll hate them by the time she’s a Senior, but that’s OK. That concert was the first one I’ve ever missed. Sad smile It was not a good week at our house…Ed was gone and things were happening with the house. It was a good thing I didn’t end up going because papers did need to be signed on the house and the girls would have gotten to bed way too late, but I don’t plan to miss any more concerts!

I hope you enjoyed this quarterly report from my iPhone camera!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this quarterly report. Thank you.

Mother Superior