Sunday, January 13, 2013

Children’s Museum

We had been hoping to maybe go to the mountains to play in the snow while my brother was here with his family, but with the road conditions being questionable and neither vehicle having even traction tires, let alone chains, we elected to do something else instead. I checked into the Children’s Museum in the town where we used to live years ago and it turned out there was a coupon deal in the local paper that day, so we all got in for half price! It was a 45 minute drive, but it gave my youngest nephew a good little nap and later, since Ed & I had a gift card to The Outback, which is in that town, we picked up some Bloomin’ Onions for everyone to share. It was a really fun afternoon.


Elise driving the semi. What was really fun was that this was the same Children’s Museum we used to go to when Sarah & Bethany were little, but it had changed locations. Sarah wondered on the way if they would still have the semi, because she remembered it. We were happy to its nose sticking out the front windows of the museum!







My youngest nephew was enthralled with this turtle…and it was pretty active while we were there, which was fun to watch!


My mother trying to convince my nephew to wear the dinosaur costume was also pretty fun to watch!





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