Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A little iPhone camera catch up!

It’s been a while since I unloaded the pictures from my phone…and some are pretty cute!



The Walk for Haiti that Bethany & her friend organized this past fall was in the GEMS Shine Brightly magazine in February!


In first grade, every 10th day of school is celebrated with a visit from Zero the Hero (a stuffed animal) who brings treats shaped like a 0 (with the help of a parent) as a surprise for the kids. The kids don’t know that a mom brings the treats because the mom who brings the treats sets them down, knocks, and RUNS before the door is answered by a student. I always sign up for day 100. This year, I spray painted a terra cotta pot with chalkboard paint and made this with 100 suckers and a poem for Elise’s class. I had the privilege of subbing in her classroom that day and so got to see the kids’ reaction to the surprise. Super fun! Inside the pot was a coffee gift card and two round chocolates for the teacher (the real teacher, not the sub!) as well. It would have gone off without a hitch, except for that this past weekend, Elise was looking at the pictures on my camera and stumbled across this one. She said, “How did the Zero the Hero pot get in our house?”

Um. Oops.

So, the secret is out. But she has been given strict instructions NOT to tell any other students.




Last week the 7th-12th grade orchestras put on a fundraising event called “Suites & Sweets” and it was great! I was in charge of table decorations, which turned out beautifully until I broke 6 of the borrowed vases when they fell out of the back of my van…fortunately this was AFTER the event! I felt absolutely sick about it, but the owner of the vases was incredibly gracious.




Bethany and another girl from the middle school orchestra played the “Bach Double” and sounded amazing! There were many small group “suites”, some solos, and a few pieces by the entire high school orchestra. Desserts were served by the orchestra students TWICE during the evening!


Our annual Valentine’s Day Chocolate Fondue!



Bethany and a XC teammate ran in a local running club partner 5K race this past Saturday – and placed second in the women’s division!


Consider this blog caught up. Until I take another picture…

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