Saturday, February 2, 2013

It was a girlfriend weekend!

Way back on my birthday, when I turned 29 again, I bought myself a little to Arizona! You see, a sweet friend moved there about a year ago and I've been wanting to go and visit her see her life, to be in her house, to love on her kids, to do the fun stuff we used to do together when she lived here! Tickets were pretty cheap that day and the weekend worked for both of us, so the tickets were bought and the planning began!

I left last week Thursday, the 24th, and came home on Sunday the 27th. The weekend was too short and too wet, but it was a GREAT weekend for both of us - to be able to spend time together again and to do bunches of fun stuff together. I was planning on doing a breakdown of all our activities, but I'm sure I would get something wrong, and besides, my friend already did it on her blog! I'm just going to link you to Tam's Treasure Box and all the pictures and details can be seen there! Enjoy!

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