Friday, September 20, 2013

A day of nostalgia & fun


When I heard that Jana Alayra was coming to our county for a Christian Kids Festival, I literally screamed with excitement! We first heard of Jana Alayra about 13 years ago when a friend gave Sarah a VHS tape of one of Jana’s live concerts. Jana is a Christian Children’s Worship Leader/Singer/Songwriter. Sarah probably watched that video at least once a day for a year. The songs are wonderful and so fun and Sarah & I have many fond memories of listening to and singing and dancing with that video. In the years that followed, I used some of the songs with the Sunday School children when I was the Sunday School Superintendent at our previous church. As the years passed, we watched the video less & less…especially once the VCR wasn’t so functional anymore, but always it has been a dream to see her live. Our chance finally arrived, and it was a great day.


Bethany won a basket of goodies in a raffle and later Becca won one of Jana Alayra’s CD’s in another raffle! We loved hearing some of the old songs we knew and learning new ones. At every concert, Jana calls kids up to sing and do the motions with her, and each of us had a chance. I lost a few pictures on my phone in a freak deleting accident, but I have a few.




I even got to go when the moms were asked to come up and Jana chose (on a whim, on the spur of the moment, I found out later) one of my FAVORITE songs.

I’m pretty sure that if I have ever been giddy, I was giddy that day.

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