Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tree 2014

We like to tromp around in the mud looking for the perfect tree and we were so excited to do that and find the first Christmas tree for our new house!


We found one! And it was Becca’s turn to be the “angel” this year. The girls are getting too big for grandpa to actually hold them above the tree anymore…


It was Sarah’s turn to use the battery-powered saw to cut down the tree. This is the first year of “turns” for this opportunity. The girls aren’t too small anymore…


I found this and the following pictures on my phone after the tree expedition…





That was pretty entertaining to discover as the background on my phone as well. Teenagers and their selfies…

Then it was time for the girls’ new ornaments and decorating!



Sarah’s ornament came later…handmade by my crafty friend – Scrabble tile letters that spell “STRONG.”


And just to clarify, because most mom-bloggers feel the need to clarify this process one way or the other, the girls put the ornaments on and I did not move any. Except for the ones that slid off and fell to the ground. Those I replaced somewhere in the same vicinity. But I do not direct the tree decorating process. Except that all the ornaments that are not red, white, green, or silver go upstairs on the fake tree. So apparently I am only semi-controlling about this process. Of course, I have four girls who care that the tree looks good. No one puts six ornaments all on the same branch anyway. I am lucky that way.




It was Elise’s turn to put the star on the tree. It only took about 4 tries before the top was the right size & shape and all the spiders were destroyed.

Does anybody else think we have too many “turns” regarding the Christmas tree?




Tamara said...

beautiful indeed!
and how in the world do you track the accuracy of whose turn it is to do what?!

Ed / Julie said...

Usually we have to look back at pictures from the previous years...