Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ice, ice baby

I just took some pictures off my camera and found more I sent Sarah out to take the morning of the ice storm.


My poor willow tree. Good thing it’s a hardy one! This tree comes from a branch from my friend’s mom’s yard…she rooted it in water and I planted it in a pot about 3 years ago. It stayed in the pot because I didn’t want to plant it at our old house if we were going to move someday. It never really got very big (gee, I wonder why!?) but when we moved we put it in the corner of our front yard, and it has grown! The ice storm just about snapped the thing in two.



But it didn’t, and it is now happily standing up straight (as straight as a curly willow can be) and there are even tight little buds!


Ice on our “street tree” – the one that is in the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the road.


And some fun icicles on the fence. Surprisingly, we did not have a snow day OR a late start that day…everyone drove to school on sheets of ice. Thankfully by noon it had all melted and while the snow took quite a while to completely disappear, we finally had some spring-like days this past week and now EVERYONE is ready! I even have some daffodils on my mantel!

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