Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sarah’s spring break

Sarah went with the Concert Choir to Southern California for spring break – we were all totally jealous of her opportunities…just wait & see all they did!

In addition to singing at several schools, churches, rest homes, and festivals (one of which was at Disneyland and their choir took FIRST PLACE for a school of their size!!), they had a lot of fun. ALL the pictures are of the fun. Smile 

Sarah & McKenzie

They went to the beach. Huntington. My favorite. Sarah & her XC co-captain.

Taking a selfie

Epic jump shot

An epic jump shot by the choir member with the photo skills. Can you find Sarah?

They went to Anaheim Stadium and watched the Seattle Mariner’s DOMINATE over the Angels.

Sarah & Madi

M's cap

They also had a choir collaboration workshop with the choir at Biola University. Sarah adored the campus and her time there. She thinks every college campus she visits is amazing.

Sunny college campus shoes

She likes to take pictures of her feet…here they are on the campus of Biola!


Biola 2

The choir got to spend time in one of our favorite CA locations…REDLANDS! It’s our favorite because of these people:



My sister-in-law and brother helped the choir immensely by finding host homes and organizing the school and church events on their end. It was a great part of the trip – for the whole choir, not just Sarah!

The boys




Here’s the choir at The River CRC in Redlands. Had to steal that one from Facebook, but at least it’s proof they sang!

From there, the choir went to Disneyland!

Sarah & Christina

Sarah & Ryanne


Sleeping Beauty's castle

Castle at night

Sarah & Monet

Arty banister

Kissing Flynn Rider

AND they went to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor on their last day.


A very cool trip. Makes me wish I was back in high school. A little. Mostly it makes me want to go on a sunny, beachy, vacation with family!

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