Monday, June 16, 2014

School’s Out!

The last few days of school are always so pointless…but they’ve gotta be there. We just learn to make the most of them.


Bethany’s last day was Tuesday, June 3 – Junior High proved itself to be a rough place once again, as it does for so many girls, so we are so proud of her and so excited for a new stage of life for her!


We don’t have an official “8th grade graduation” anymore, which is great. The kids have a fun afternoon together once their school is finished, then a BBQ, followed by family dessert time in the gym and a very informal “celebration.”


One of our favorite teachers on the entire planet.


Family picture time!




Bethany requested no party, but we had a little surprise waiting for her after she walked home from the celebration – some gold stars, some blue & white M&M’s, sundaes, and family game night!


Her reaction when she saw the gold star pillow we had made for her. She loves it!



The next day was the last day for these 3 cuties.


3 cuties with attitude, I might add.



We will miss these teachers! Becca will move on to the middle school building next year and Elise will be my only girl left in the elementary building with me!! That makes me cry just a little.


Sarah & I went to graduation, mostly to celebrate and congratulate this girl…one of Sarah’s dearest friends…a running mentor…a super sweet and eloquent young woman with a huge heart and a wise understanding of living the Christian life. I adore her and will send Sarah off to Calvin to visit her probably at least twice in the next couple of years.


XC compadres!

And there we have it…the end of the 2013-2014 school year. Yay for summer!

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