Monday, August 18, 2014

More July stuff


In July there are lots of really delicious berries in WA. Our county is the largest producer of raspberries in the country. And our blackberries are  pretty amazing. Those yellow berries are called Golden Raspberries. They taste pretty much like regular raspberries, only maybe slightly tropical. We enjoyed this selection of berries one night when our dear friends the Boon’s came for dinner.



Their oldest daughter stayed for the weekend to hang out with Sarah. We didn’t do anything special, but they kept themselves entertained. They had themselves a little photo shoot and I was invited to go and take pictures of the two of them together. These are just a few of my favorites.






This little robin fledgling lived in our backyard for a few days. It hopped around and waited for its momma to bring it food. One day I scared it when I started watering near where it was hiding and it started to fly! It flew a few feet at a time and then flew up to the top of the wheelbarrow. It rested there for a bit and Ed & I decided at that point to leave it alone, lest we scare it to death. The next time we looked, the bird was gone and we never saw it again. We HOPE it learned to fly and flew over the fence and is now a beautiful robin living all on its own.


That’s the back side of my forearm after I encountered stinging nettles while weeding the garden. THAT HURTS! I had no idea stinging nettles would hurt that badly. Even more than a day later it still felt like 100 bee stings all at once. Aloe Vera Gel was awesome on it (which I happened to have on hand after that BAD sunburn I got at the bay earlier that week) and the Benadryl made me sleepy so I had a nap or two, which is always nice in the summer.

Next up: my trip to Michigan!

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