Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Stories

I was looking back at pictures today to see what needed blogging yet and I found a fun assortment of pictures needing to be documented, with stories to tell.


The day after the 4th of July we went to the lake with some of our oldest & dearest friends. It was a little chilly, but the kids (& adults!) still had a great time. Unfortunately, their little boy started not feeling so well, so the evening ended differently than planned, but the “big kids” had fun eating pizza & watching The Lego Movie at our house afterwards.



For some reason I have all magenta dahlias this year…and this one is solid on one half and striped on the other!


Fun in the creek & at Edaleen with friends.



On a walk with my big girls…I was apparently too slow or not interesting enough because I got left behind. But I loved my view.


FRESH cherries arrived IN THE MAIL from my amazing friend in Eastern Washington whose son rented a cherry farm and raised his own as his summer job. Amazing!



Work on the patio extension has begun…but it will conclude while we are on the road to Yellowstone. Not so happy about that, but we have had several set backs (including rain, flat tires – two! – and very busy schedules!) along the way, so I think we will all just be glad when it is finished! I’m especially excited for the concrete steps!





We are working on completing the Couch to 5K program…but we are not very consistent. I think it will take us 8 months to finish the 8 week training course…


A SWEET reunion – at the Razz Fest I just happened to bump into my dear friend from high school who lives out of state. Would have loved to have had her over for coffee…but her visit was a short one this time, so maybe next time around. And now I have her cell # so we can text! LOVE technology for that reason!


So I had another painting project. As you can see…it didn’t go awesome. Painting Sarah’s desk did not turn out as wonderful as we had hoped…apparently you just can’t sand and prime weird laminate enough before spray painting…no matter what Pinterest says…especially when it’s hot out. Thankfully, the final product wasn’t this bad. I don’t yet have a final picture because I painted the knobs turquoise and Sarah has decided she wants them black, so…that will come in due time! But at least her desk is now basically white, somewhat distressed, and it looks way better in her room than the weird laminate.


Took a Sunday afternoon picnic to Cornwall and the girls braved the creek…they were freaking out about crabs in this picture…I’m guessing they saw some kind of crawdad/waterbug.

I love summer stories.

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Tamara said...

i love YOUR summer stories!
(and how had i NOT heard about the sarah's desk debacle before now?!)