Friday, October 24, 2014

Stuff from September

A few more pictures to update the other stuff from our lives from the month of September…


My uncle brought us some crab. I don’t eat anything that used to live in the water, but Ed does and the girls were willing to try!



Love Elise’s face in this one!


Bethany is not too sure either. It was a fun experience for a Sunday evening outside, so thanks Uncle Stan!


Some progress on the picnic table…and I’m not finding the picture of the completed table…but it looks great!


Sarah’s XC team & youth group both had a campout at Birch Bay the same weekend. I went out to help cook dinner for the XC team one night. This was the view as I left. I love Birch Bay.



Closest thing to Chi-Chi’s Fried Ice Cream we have had since leaving MI in 1995…Edaleen ice cream with honey, cinnamon, and Juanita’s Tortilla Chips.


Pizza sauce in the crockpot from Bethany’s tomatoes – YUMMY!


Thug/Hipster/Hip Hop study attire


My baby is just so cute. This is from “LIFE GROUP LAKE DAY!” which will be blogged about at a later date…


A beautiful sky one evening as Bethany & I left for our run.


Happy Birthday, Ed! It was the big 4-0! We had Thai food and I took him on a surprise weekend getaway that was really a birthday/anniversary/birthday trip for both of us. I turned 40 last November, then we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, and then Ed turned 40. A relaxing trip was definitely in order…details to come soon!


The girls found a frog at the Silver Lake Invitational Meet – and insisted I document the event with an iPhone picture. Thank goodness they didn’t insist that the frog come home with us…

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