Friday, August 21, 2015

A mish-mash from July

While I was away at the GEMS Leadership conference, my nephew was with my parents and my little girls, Bethany worked in the berries, Sarah & Ed kept working at Faithlife, and my brother attended most of his conference. I say most because unfortunately he was very sick after our lovely Ebey’s Landing hike and couldn’t go to his conference on the first day. A few others in the family got sick over the course of the week, but no one got as sick as he did, thankfully for the rest of us. Some of the fun things they did once my brother was back included kick the can at Berthusen…


And going to the waterslides!


Before I had left, I sent the kiddos and my mom off on a bike ride so I could get some stuff ready for conference…


I don’t think my mom has ridden a bike in over 25 years, but, what do “they” say? It’s like riding a bike? Hm…She only fell once, I think. Winking smile 


We also had the pleasure of watching a puppet show put on by the 3 littles.


And I made this beautiful flag appetizer/dessert tray! Correction…Sarah actually put it together. I bought the stuff, though.


I love finding selfies like these on my phone.


After I got back, I tried to get some cute pictures of the littles. I think these kiddos could play together all day every day and never get sick of it.









Whew…that laughing was hard work.


And then I started getting ready for Ragnar once my brother & nephew went home….woo-hoo! Can’t wait to blog about that soon!


I had a beautiful, fun, and memorable night out with these beautiful, fun, and memorable ladies. My BFF’s. The ones I call and text when I need to rant or brag or cry or make a decision. The ones who encourage and pray for me, laugh with me, tease me, and help me clean my classroom. These are the gals I do life with on a regular basis and someday we are going to live at the retirement home together and those nurses are not going to know what to do with us.


They obliged me by heading to Boulevard Park (one of my most favorite places on the planet), walking to Fairhaven for a yummy Mexican dinner, then walking back and sitting outside drinking coffee from Woods while we watched the sunset.


In July, the sun doesn’t set until close to 10:00…this was taken at 9:24 and then we thought we better zoom out of there before we got locked into the park that “closes at dusk.”


A beautiful night.

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