Thursday, October 29, 2015

First XC Meet 2015

On September 9, the XC season officially began with our first meet at home! Bethany was super nervous, since it was her first high school meet, but both she & Sarah did well and it was a beautiful day for spectators! It’s really not even possible to put into words how I feel when I get to watch my girls run. I literally cherish every gut-wrenching second…

I cherish it because all too soon the season will be over, and XC has been a big part of our lives for 6 years now, and even though it’s Sarah’s last year running for LC, hopefully XC will be part of our lives for more years to come. It’s gut-wrenching because they’re working so hard and no one knows how they will feel at the end of the race and I just want them to be happy at the end of the race…


The girls all getting ready to warm-up with Nikki, the assistant coach’s wife, who is basically the team’s extra coach, physical therapist, female counselor, and biggest fan.



I love how you can see the boys’ team lined up in the woods on the right side of the picture – they love to cheer each other on!


They’re such good daughters to recreate a favorite picture from two years ago for their mother. Their newest hashtag is #sistersbyforcefriendsbychoice. It’s enough to make a mother cry.

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