Saturday, November 5, 2016

More October Happenings

Our lives don't completely revolve around Cross Country...though I have to admit, it's a pretty big part of September & October!!

My parents have been on an amazing road trip and Sarah got to spend a little time with them and the cousins. I loved this selfie of her and my dad hanging out on the couch.

They went to Art Prize!

My parents were able to be there for my nephew's grandparents' day, which was so awesome! I love that they could do these things on their trip! 

First time I think this has ever happened to me...I literally just opened the container and it flew out the top and landed on the floor. It was mostly funny because Ed had been complaining about how hard the shells were from this particular package of eggs. Not hard enough, dear, not hard enough...

I've been visiting my grandma a lot with my parents gone and it's been a lot of fun. I think I'll keep going sometimes even after my mom is home again. 

This was the day she got moved to a new private and bigger room! Thankfully my aunt has been there since I took this picture and made it MUCH more homey!

We had a couple days off from school in October for Teacher's Convention. I did go to convention both mornings, but spent at least one afternoon with the girls. It was a beautiful October day!!

And Menchies for a treat since it was BOGO!!

At Teacher's Convention I got to catch up with a friend from looooooong ago...who came all the way from Spokane for the convention! Such a blessing to reconnect in person. I love Facebook for the way I can stay connected, but the chance to connect in person should never be downplayed. 

Bethany was the cutest "Country Club" girl during spirit week...

Becca had her first orchestra and choir performances!

And Bethany had her first orchestra concert!

This girl turned THIRTEEN!!! Somehow I can't wrap my head around that and yet, in other ways, she's been 13 for the last 9 years...

Family dessert out at Rusty Wagon! No, I do not always wear that XC sweatshirt...just when I am missing Sarah...


My cute kinders on a field trip...a very muddy field trip, but we didn't get wet!!!

And then it was Halloween...we don't trick-or-treat, but the girls like to create costumes for answering the door to trick-or-treaters...this year they were nerds...oh, but one was a "fashionable" nerd. Too funny. I even had a couple of my kinders visit me this year! So fun!!

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