Monday, April 3, 2017

The Sound of Music

As promised (though more than a month late...I'm busy, okay?), I have pictures from The Sound of Music!! Bethany played Louisa, the second daughter in the Von Trapp family and she was wonderful! The whole show was amazing and I went to almost every performance...I skipped the matinee, intending to go to the closing show that night, but due to #snowpocalypse, the closing show was postponed for about 5 days! We were so thankful when they were finally able to perform!

Below: Lining up after the Captain whistles the children to come meet Fraulein Maria

Below: "Do, Re, Mi"

Below: "The Lonely Goatherd" during the thunderstorm. Otherwise known to the cast as "The Bedroom Scene" ;)

Below: Play clothes & "The Hills are Alive"

Below: The party scene & "So Long, Farewell"

Below: Maria returns

Below: The wedding

Below: The Festival

Below: Hiding at the abbey & crossing the mountains

Below: Curtain Call!! Standing Ovation!!

Below: Cast pictures

Below: After the show fun!

(Bethany & Aunt Nancy)

(The Family)

(Stage sisters)

(Actual sisters)

(XC runners on cast plus sisters)

It was an amazing show! There was a new director this year and we were thoroughly impressed and thrilled with her. She taught the kids so much and she was extremely organized which made life as a parent of a cast member much easier. Bethany loves being involved in the drama programs at school and the friendships she is making are such precious ones!

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