Thursday, December 21, 2017


September = the beginning of school, the beginning of Cross Country (for 3 of my girls!) and the beginning of pretty much everything else we do all year long. In anticipation of busy lives, we used some movie gift cards to see "Wonder Woman" over Labor Day weekend! We hardly ever go to movies as a family, so this was quite a treat!

I'll start with Becca's cross country...

She had a great group of friends she ran with and had awesome weather at pretty much every meet this year. Her team won all but 1 of the meets and Becca even had a lifetime PR!

Bethany's Senior year of Cross-Country was also awesome! She ran with great friends and had fun, but she did not have great weather at all her meets. 

Sarah's sophomore year as a collegiate athlete went well...she was able to run through the entire season (more on the end of the season later) after being injured last year part-way through. She loves having cousins & her aunt & uncle watch when she runs close to campus and her team has been truly amazing. The sophomores are like a family. Truly. It's been an incredible thing to watch develop.

Running with a former high school teammate again is so fun!

One story of the season was the day when it was almost 100* and 100% humidity and Sarah got heat exhaustion during the race and had to be put in the ice bath to bring her temperature down...that was an interesting phone call from the coach. No "Hi, this is Coach and I'm letting you know about Sarah's race..." Just "So I think she's going to be OK, but I've got her in an ice bath..." Whaaatttt?

She was OK after a week or so, thank goodness!

Above: Becca, when she got her braces on a couple years ago. 
Below: Becca, on her last day of wearing braces this September.

Below: Becca, with no braces!

My hat on hat day, because all Kindergarten teachers should have a hat of school supplies.

Bethany & I got to share about Zambia in an elementary chapel.

We had a jogathon at school and these two buddies ran A LOT!

And to celebrate Ed's birthday we checked out the Whatcom Museum (it was a FREE MUSEUM DAY!) and got Menchies for dessert!

September was just a warm up for October and November...

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