Saturday, June 7, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

...or just to the field nearby, anyway. Last night was Logos Family Fun Night at opening night of the Bellingham Bells game (they used to be a farm team for the Mariners...Ken Griffey Jr. got his start there in 1987). It was bad concession food...but hey! It was free! We arrived in time to watch a Logos employee throw out the first pitch. Then we stood in line for a long time to get the free hamburgers and hotdogs that came with our tickets from Logos. Unfortunately the Logos people weren't all seated together and since it was opening night and there was a big new local hitter playing for the Bells, the park was packed. In years past we've been able to just sit wherever we wanted in the stands and mingle about with Logos employees. This was not the case this year! We were seated in the top corner, right where the wind came rushing into the stands. So, as soon as we finished our food, we got up and went over to the lawn seating area.
This is where the kids had a good time! It was sunny and less windy there, plus there was this great hill, which as you can see the kids took advantage of! We lost an earring and almost an eye, but we had fun!

Even Elise tried to roll down the hill. She didn't quite understand the concept, however, and proceeded to get lots of grass stains on the backside of her jeans. After they got tired of rolling, we went and sat by some friends from Logos for a bit (on the steps inbetween the bleachers) until Elise got sick of that and almost went tumbling down. We went home at that point, but it was a good evening out together.

Oh. And the Bells got stomped on, 11-1. The fancy new player did manage to have the first hit of the inning when they managed to lump together 3 hits and score their one and only run. The coach's excuse? "We haven't been outside for a month because of the rain." And what about the other team? They're from Everett...rains there more than here.
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We did not almost lose an eye!!!