Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy To You, Leesie!

That is how Elise sings Happy Birthday to herself. It's so cute. And then you ask her how old she is and she says "Two. Almots" (That's not a typo - that's how she says it.) Until yesterday and then she said "Two. TOMORROW!" Until today and now she just says "TWO!" She's had multiple celebrations...last week Sunday with Grandma & Grandpa DJ, Great-Grandma S. and Aunt Nancy & Uncle Jim, and then yesterday we had our traditional meal out/opening present deal with just the six of us. Click here to see some pictures of that! Today we were honored to attend the Bellingham URC church to witness the baptism of our friends' new baby. We had a nice lunch there with them and their family and more friends and everyone was telling her Happy Birthday so much that I think she thought the celebration, cake, and goodies were all for her! Thanks to everyone who sent her cards and gifts and called to wish her a happy birthday! It is good to know she is so loved...because let's face it...sometimes she is not an easy two-year-old!


Anonymous said...

Mom! How could you not put the funny picture of me watching TV in the picture thing!!!

Peter said...

Hey Julie!

Thank you for picking up where Ed left off -- we had almost lost hope that he would ever blog again!

-- in Christ, peter & jessica rust