Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bethany's birthday party!

For Bethany's 8th birthday (which is coming up on August 11), I took her and 3 friends to see the American Girl movie "Kit Kittredge". It was a big surprise to all the girls, but a couple weeks before the date, our local theater stopped showing it! I was so bummed because I had been so excited about the surprise! Fortunately we found out that the movie was still going to be playing in Lynnwood (about 1.75 hours from our house) and so I took the girls on a big day out! Sarah came along as well and Elise & Becca stayed with my mom. It turned out to be a super-fun day! We had lunch on the way and then ice cream afterwards while Bethany opened her presents. The theater at the Alderwood Mall was HUGE, with escalators and stadium seating...it was worth the drive just to see the look on the girls' faces when they saw the beautiful theater. The drive home was rough because we had a fair amount of traffic and it was pouring down rain, but all I could think was that I was glad I hadn't gone with plan B, which was to take the girls to the waterslides!

Here are the girls in the theater.

Coming down the escalator after the movie.

They had no idea I was taking this picture. It was just so sweet to see them walking hand in hand through the parking garage!

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We found a cute ice cream shop in Marysville to have ice cream and presents. They even let us go in their little party room!

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Bryan said...

What a bunch of CUTIES! That sounds like such a fun time. Way to go!