Sunday, August 10, 2008

Camping 2008

We just returned yesterday from a great camping trip with our friends Greg & Beth and their daughters Kylie & Kera. We left Wednesday evening after swimming lessons and drove to a campground near Quincy, WA, arriving shortly before 11:00 p.m. It was hard to get to sleep that night as everyone was so excited, and everyone woke up early to start the fun day! We began with breakfast and swimming (in the campground's warm pool). After lunch and rest time we went to Wenatchee to a swimming hole on the Wenatchee river and spent the afternoon goofing around in the water there. We swam again after dinner at the campground. We also played some games during the day and evening hours and generally just relaxed. The second full day was also consumed with swimming, though the temperatures were not nearly as hot as the day before (it was 103 on Thursday!) We swam, played games, swam, ate, went to a waterslide park and swam, ate, played games, and swam some more. We swam again on Saturday morning before packing up to head for home! It was a great and relaxing vacation for all of us...except for me almost having a heart attack everytime Elise decided to cannonball into the pool, which she loves to do! I've created a web album of pictures, so enjoy those using this link!

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