Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bethany!

Monday was Bethany's 8th birthday! She already had her friends' party, as you know, so we celebrated on the actual day by doing some back-to-school shopping, hanging out, and having cake & presents after a dinner, which she chose. She wanted the famous yummy hashbrowns and ham, so everyone enjoyed that and her cake from Haggen was pretty good, too.

Wow! She can't believe it! A microscope! Our Bethany loves to look at all things small and interesting, touching everything, wanting to know its name and how it works and anything else there is to know. We thought this microscope would be the perfect gift for her this year, and so far she loves it.

Here Ed is helping her learn how to use it and she is using the prepared slides. Soon she'll be making her own slides!

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Melissa said...

A microscope is a great gift. I got one when I was young (still have it) and absolutely loved it! In California, our gutter water from the street had lots of fun bugs to view :)

Anonymous said...

Cool Bethany! Have fun with your microscope. Isn't it neat how God made little things!

Sometime if you visit us, I can show you some big microscopes for looking at really, really, really, tiny things.

Uncle Randy