Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Lost Tooth!

Rebecca Lily Ball lost her very first baby tooth last night (Sept. 22)!!! It has been loose for quite a while, and the grown-up tooth was coming in *behind* it, which was pretty painful for a while. The dentist says that the grown-up tooth should move forward gradually, so we'll hope it does.

When I came home from GEMS last night, she was STILL AWAKE because her loose tooth was bothering her so much. I was tucking her into bed, trying to calm her down, and asked her if she'd like me to try to pull it out. She asked "How do you do that?" and I told her I'd get a cold, wet washcloth and grab the tooth with that around my fingers and just pull. She looked like she was pondering that for a minute, then stuck her tongue through her lips, reached up with her fingers, and calmly took her tooth out of her mouth! She pushed and pulled it right out herself!
It was perfect timing since today was a preschool day and she could show off her "window" to all her friends and teacher at preschool. She even got a dollar bill from the tooth fairy that she could bring for show & tell, which worked out wonderfully since the assignment was to bring something shaped like a rectangle. I wonder how the tooth fairy knew that?

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