Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thirty-four years ago today, at 4:19 pm, I was born. My mom had a starring role in that event, so I suppose it isn't too surprising that I’ve been thinking about her more than usual today.

Thanks for giving birth to me, Mom. And for taking such great care of me. I love you and miss you.

(It’s subtle, so I should clarify – this post was written by Ed, the guy of five girls. Maybe I’ll continue to pipe in from time to time; you can always check who it was “Posted by” to be sure. Thanks for sharing your blog with me, honey!)


Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Julie! Hope you have a wonderful day and get to celebrate!

Ed said...

Sorry for the confusion, but it was actually my birthday! I did have a wonderful day! :-)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Ed! I think your Mom would be proud!

Anonymous said...

That's a sweet picture, Ed - we were thinking of you on Tuesday and remembering your mom as well. Hope your birthday is the start of a great year.

-Jen & Randy

Rachael said...

Oops! Sorry...happy birthday to Ed. :)