Thursday, September 25, 2008

If a two-year-old lives at your house...

If a two-year-old lives at your house, you might eventually have to tell her "No".

And if you tell a two-year-old "no", she's probably going to throw a temper tantrum.

And if she throws a temper tantrum, her parents will typically ignore her.

Except for sometimes when the tantrum is just soooo outrageously FAKE, then her parents might laugh and take pictures instead.

If her parents take pictures, that two-year-old just might stop the tantrum to find out what is going on.

And if she stops the tantrum,

...then the noise is gone!

If the noise and the tantrum are gone, the two-year-old is probably going to demand to have her picture taken "AGAIN" so she can "SEE IT" on the screen on the digitial camera.

And after she sees the pictures of herself having a tantrum on the camera, she just might go try to renact the tantrum again...

And you know what happens when a two-year-old has a fake tantrum....