Friday, September 26, 2008

Two sides to every coin

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day. My friend Dee & I had coffee after dropping off our two preschoolers. Then I had to get going to run some errands for my GEMS Counselor Retreat tonight. She offered to take Elise with her, but I said that she could better help by picking up Becca from preschool so that I could have an extra half hour running errands. Thankfully that worked with her and I got all my important Bellingham errands done. Elise had about 16 tantrums while we were running errands (though not the throw-myself-on-the-floor kind as in the previous post), but I had to forgive her later on in the afternoon. She's beginning to not need naps every day, but was watching a movie for some quiet time...and fell asleep on the couch.

Is this pure sweetness or what?

All curled up like a little cuddle bug on the pillow.

I just couldn't resist snapping lots of pictures of that precious face!

All those tantrums must have really worn her out...

More craziness continued through the afternoon as we picked up Bethany, picked up Becca, ran an errand, brought Bethany to music, got groceries, picked up Bethany, met Sarah at home after art class, made dinner, helped everyone with homework and piano and violin and flute and baths, cleaned up dinner and the house, and prepared more for my GEMS retreat tonight. But hey - everyone sleeps well!
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dee said...

Oh my goodness...she really is sweeter than a 3 foot candy bar. I am so glad you took so many pics of her because I can already see a really cool scrapbook page of "two sides to every coin".

Rachael said...

She is so adorable! Isn't it nice to be reminded of how sweet they are in the midst of all the craziness life can bring :)

Rachael said...

I noticed you're reading "The Shack". Great book...just need to remind yourself sometimes that it's the authors point of view. It was very interesting. I just finished a similar type of book called "Uncharted". Another recommendation is "Firefly Lane" by Kristin Hannah. I couldn't put it down. I'm in a book club so if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them.

Julie said...

Hi Rachael, I haven't actually started "The Shack" yet - but it's the next one down on my book pile. :) I have heard it's a must-read and very thought-provoking. I'm not sure I can say I'm "looking forward" to reading it, but I am anxious to have some uninterrupted time in which to get started!