Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Reformation Day!

What are you doing to celebrate the Reformation today? We're getting together with friends at church for chili and cornbread, apple cider, pumpkin carving (with the traditional reading of The Pumpkin Patch Parable of course), cupcakes and apple crisp, games, and fellowship. That's all Reformed stuff, right? ;)
Anyway, my sister-in-law sent me this youtube video about Luther. Click on this link to watch your official Reformation Day entertainment.
The Reformation Polka
The especially funny part is what Elise said. She came up and sat on my lap just as the video was starting. If you have already watched it, you know that it starts with a cartoon drawing of the exterior door of a church and an organ playing "A Mighty Fortress." Elise has never actually been to a church service - she just goes in the backdoor and down the stairs to the nursery and yet, when she saw the cartoon drawing and heard the music she said, "That's church!" I'd say Reformed is in her blood!
Enjoy your Reformation Day!

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