Thursday, December 25, 2008

Highlights thus far

My brothers and their families have been here for almost a week now. It's awesome. A couple bad laptop AND my camera both are toast...the snow cancelled many of our planned activities...BUT! Here's a list of highlights (My family will understand them all immediately. The rest of you will have to ask if you want more explanation.)

*Happy baby
*No, I want WINE!
*A four-month-old giggle
*Tractor Tipping
*A very white Christmas
*Wii bowling
*Musical performances
*My mother throwing snowballs
*Eat your food, Josh
*Eat your food, Elise
*Walk-in fridge
*Less is more

There are more things and I'm sure that in our last two days together there will be more to come. I just wanted to get some thoughts posted before it all becomes a blur. I'm so thankful that my brothers and their families both came home this year for Christmas and that we had so much time together with Mom & Dad. It's awesome. Pictures to come in a few days....

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