Saturday, February 7, 2009

I hate feeling behind

I really do. My laptop screen has been out all week again and the only way to get at my "stuff" is remotely from Ed's computer.  But that process is slow and weird and frankly,  it's annoying. Slowly but surely we're transferring everything to Ed's computer, mostly because I'm kind of going a bit crazy with the current set-up. I really hate feeling behind on my "project 365!"

So, without further ado:


Saturday, January 31: my life is full of laundry, as you well know.


Sunday, Feb. 1: My DH who does dishes and washes tables. He had to get in at least one photo-of-the-day doing this for me!


Monday, Feb. 2: Bethany is working on her violin. Yes, she usually makes that face while playing her violin. She really is just concentrating.


Tuesday, Feb. 3: Ed works late on Tuesdays, so this week the girls and I worked on their Valentines for their classes. They were thrilled that as their reward for working hard I let them actually eat one of the chocolates! Pictures of finished Valentines to follow in a few days...


Wednesday, Feb. 4: I captured Bethany practicing her newest CMT song, "Puff the Magic Dragon." Oh, to be back in Hanalei!


Thursday, Feb. 5: Sarah's been participating in this great Chapel Leadership Group at school and this past Thursday was the big day! They presented their chapel to all the 5th & 6th graders and I was invited, too! These are all the kids in the group, minus the kids running the "tech" stuff. I loved being there to watch them and see how all their hard work paid off.


Friday, Feb. 6:  I was just thrilled to go to school at the end of the day and pick up Sarah and these little critters...not! Thankfully they go back to school with her on Monday! These two are the "control" rats and are named Mosey and Cheesecake. Mosey is the name of the pet rat Ed had as a kid and Sarah actually lobbied her entire class to vote for the name Mosey! Who gives lab rats names, anyway? The rats are kind of freaking me out and Becca says they smell. Bethany didn't like hearing them squeak during the night, but Sarah and Ed are just having a grand ole' time.

Another rat picture:


So, today, Saturday, Feb. 7 is going to hopefully actually be a couple of videos from Sarah's basketball game this morning. She lost, but she did have 3 or 4 baskets (I don't know for sure because I wasn't there because Becca is sick and for some reason neither Ed nor Sarah remember exactly how many baskets she had) and Ed got some great video. Check back soon to see if we figure out how to post them!

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