Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it possible for four sisters, ages 10 1/2 down to 2 1/2, to play together nicely and willingly?


Answer: YES! We love it!

Question: Who is holding this fabulous piece of art?


Answer: Sarah, of course! And that is just the "practice paper!"

Question: Did you know that if you say, "Oh shoot! I forgot to take my photo of the day!", Bethany will gladly pose for you, even in her pj's and with wet hair?


Answer: She will.

Question: What do you do with a two-year-old who is having a complete fit because her best friend in the whole wide world (Becca) is off on a playdate?


Answer: Make playdough!


Question: What is my very favorite Easter candy?


Answer: Cadbury's Mini-Eggs, of course! The best in the whole world. They're Sarah's favorite, too. My cousin Kent introduced me to them many years ago and I still must have them every year in the spring!

Question: Who is this cutie?


Answer: the youngest son of one of my oldest friends. Oldest being that she has been my friend for the longest period of time, not that she is old. Just thought I better clarify that.

Question: Which of your oldest friends would that be?


Answer: That would be Janet. We had the privilege of going out for coffee  together last night, though neither of us actually drank coffee. We're too old to have caffeine that late at night, unfortunately!

Question: What about that piece of kitchen decor you blogged about?


Answer: It's done! Today I found just the right utensils at the thrift store, glued them on, added the title, and hung it back up! It's a magnetic board where I can put up my meal plan and recipes for the week so the sheets of paper don't just hang out on the counter, getting in my way all week long. My first try at this was not so pretty, but I am happy with the final product!

Question: Are these your photos of the day for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday?
Answer: What do you think?


Rachael said...

Love the kitchen magnet. Say "Hi" to Janet for me. Her son is SO adorable. I sure do miss you two. Your daughter is very talented. I love her artwork. It would look really nice framed - I bet people would pay to have it.

Melissa said...

Tell Sarah her artwork is fabulous!