Friday, March 13, 2009

A week in pictures

So I'm "re-doing" the girls bathroom. I was inspired by an artist who came to speak to my Bible Study group this past Christmas. Her name is Rosie Harris and she paints and does a "Gallery of Faith" talk with her paintings. It's all of Christ and he's depicted as if he were living today, here in our county. It's an incredible journey to take with her and if you ever have the opportunity, do it. Anyway, one of her paintings is called "The Jacket" and it's a painting of a girl wearing a jacket and listed in her jacket are all the things she IS because of who she is in Christ. "I am Beloved", "I am Forgiven", etc. That painting truly spoke to me and I knew right then that those were the messages I wanted my daughters to have as they began entering into the age of adolescence and worry about their self-worth, etc. More than anything I want to beat into their heads and hearts the fact that their self-worth comes from who they are in Christ and they are worthy because they are a daughter of the King! So I got an 8x10 print of "The Jacket" and am "re-doing" the girls' bathroom around that print. Once I have the bathroom painted, I'll post pictures of the whole thing, including the painting, but for's just a little taste of what it's going to be like...


That counts as the picture of the day for 3/8.

3/9 was kind of a strange day. I had tons to do, but we were at home all day. Consequently, Elise & Becca didn't get dressed until about 1:00 in the afternoon.

IMG_1643 We didn't brush their hair, either.

3/10 we baked cookies!


3/11 I found the coolest doll house furniture at the thrift store!

IMG_1666 I actually owned a table and chairs set just like the blue ones there. I still have the table and one chair that didn't break. I was so excited to find these! The stove is actually cast iron and the little plastic radio and TV entertainment center thing is just the coolest.

3/11 was also the day that I burned my thumb. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Turns out that the "burnt to a crisp" part of the burn was the black plastic stuck to my thumb. Once I got it cleaned up, it didn't look very bad, so this picture is not impressive at all.

IMG_1672 Sorry to disappoint...

3/12 I bought some beautiful daffodils to bring spring into my home! They were uber-cheap, so I was even more thrilled! Less than six bucks for this whole bunch!

IMG_1674 The lighting's kind of weird because the morning sun is coming in through the living room, but I like it anyway.

3/13 I drove to Mount Vernon to bring Sarah to a slumber party and then went on down to Stanwood to visit my friend Beth who broke her wrist and had surgery.

IMG_1687 She's finally healing and having a little less pain and the swelling has gone down considerably. She had a metal plate and a half a dozen screws put in to put her wrist back together. There's no telling how long it will take before she actually has full use of her arm back. She's one of my oldest friends - we've been laughing together since August of 1996!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to take a picture!

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Melissa said...

Hey Julie,
Hope you are having a good week! We should get together one of these days. I really like the picture of the daffodils, the sun shining on them is beautiful. I also think the doll furniture is awesome!