Sunday, March 8, 2009

Warning: Rats

Mosey & Cheesecake, the two control rats from Sarah's classroom, now belong to our friends and neighbors, the White's. The girls love to go over to the White's to visit the rats. Ed takes them.

I stay home.

That's right. I proudly admit that I am not fond of the rats. I'm not afraid of them. I just...well, no offense to the many rat-lovers that I know and love...I just don't like them. They're kind of....ewww. I *know* all about them being one of God's small creatures, bright & beautiful, wise & wonderful, and that the Lord God made them all (you should be humming the song about now). I figure, if God loves them, and I don't hurt them, that's good enough for the rats.

Anyhoo...these pictures of the recent visit to the rats needed to be posted. Ed took these on his camera.

IMG_4575 IMG_4579 IMG_4614 IMG_4581 IMG_4587 IMG_4591 Like I said before, ewww!

I hope somebody made those girls take a shower.

IMG_4621 Ed's always telling me how smart rats are. I wonder if they figured out how to get down from the bathroom counter...

On a completely different topic: Click here for a complete web album of pictures from Ed's dad's visit over the last few days.


Melissa said...

Aww...thanks for posting the cute pictures of the rats ;) It was a nice surprise to see them! I really love the pictures down by the water of the girls. There were a couple of Elise that were just beautiful!

dee said...

I do believe you got your creative juices just took rats to do it. You made it very clear how you feel about them but I really think that Sarah needs one!