Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am so blogging this…

Most bloggers know a good blog story as it’s unfolding in front of them. Something happens or someone tells you something, you take a good picture or you find a great deal in the store…and you think “I am sooooo blogging this!” and you get so excited because you have something good to blog about that people will enjoy reading and maybe, *maybe* even make a comment on! That’s the best.

I haven’t had too many of those experiences lately. You can tell because my blogs have been all factual. Sure, there’s been a few pretty pictures, but nothing memorable. Nothing like the post about getting rid of the binky or If you tell a two-year-old no or cute pictures like the dandelion face. It’s just been a little, shall we say, blah?

Are you ready? Cause I have a doozy of a blogging story to tell. No pictures, but funny story! Well, at least, I think it’s funny. But, I’m the mom. I daresay the grandparents will find it funny. But that may be all. So here goes.

Yesterday on the way to Becca’s soccer practice she says to me, “Mom, I have to tell you something. But I don’t want to tell you until we get to soccer.” Well, we’re almost there, so I tell her, “No, just tell me now, Becca. We’re almost to soccer.”

“No, Mom. I am not going to tell you until we get to soccer. You will forget if I tell you now.”

Right. We’re like, two minutes from soccer.

“Becca, you need to just tell me now. I will not forget.”

“Yes, you will forget Mom. Your mind is too soft.”

Imagine my stunned silence followed by laughter.  My mind is too soft? Where on earth?

“Becca! Where did you hear that?”

“I made it up in my own head.”

I should have known.

So we get to soccer. “Becca, we’re here now. What did you want to tell me?”

“If you go to the park with the Elise while I’m playing soccer, tell me so I know where you are.”

“Of course, Becca. I will not forget.”

“You might.”

“Go play soccer.”


Rachael said...

She must have been concerned about where you were going to be :) Quite the "little mommy" (needing to know where you are at all times). Too cute! That's funny she thought your brain was soft...wonder how she came up with that one?

Mindy K said...

I guess a "soft head" is better than a hard one.

Bryan said...

Julie, that was funny. I laughed. Out loud, even. That Becca is *very* cute.

808 Vine Circle said...

Don't worry Julie, I have a 'soft' brain too. :)