Sunday, May 3, 2009

What we’ve been up to…

Wow. So, it’s been a while since I’ve given much of an update on our lives around here! I had the blog story about my soft mind and that’s been it. Things have been busy…let me demonstrate:


This past Monday was a busy one…I spent most of the day doing laundry and running errands and getting ready for GEMS. The girls came home from school, Sarah opened these two really cute original paintings by Susanne from M,S, & J for her birthday, we had a quick dinner and then headed off to GEMS.

 IMG_3300 On one of the nice afternoons we had this past week I noticed I had a few camelias finally blooming. The first round of buds got frost bite and fell off. :( There’s also a fungus of some sort on the leaves, which I had to spray this week, but there are signs of life as you can see from Tuesday’s PotD above.



On Tuesday night, while I was out for dinner with my friend, my sore throat got *really* bad. It felt like there was a flaming knife stuck in my throat. So on Wednesday, we skipped Coffee Break and stayed home. As you can see from the above pictures, by the time lunch time rolled around, silliness had ensued in the house. I imagine it was due to a lack of oxygen or something, so I sent them outside after lunch.

IMG_3203 On Thursday I got to go with Becca on her field trip to the fire station. Very cool. Here she is with Sam, one of her many beau’s, listening to the Fire Chief.

IMG_3268 Since Thursday was such a beautiful day, I finally made Becca her 5th and final stepping stone. This is a tradition my dad started when Sarah turned one: making a stepping stone with their handprint, name, and age. I kept going with the tradition for quite a while, but when Sarah turned 5, I decided she had enough stepping stones. So, each girl gets to make 5 and then they’re done. By the end, I’m going to have 20 stepping stones, so that’ll be plenty. Yes. Plenty. You should see all the stones. I should take a picture sometime. I used to get all creative with the stones, too, making some kind of design that correlated to whatever theme the child’s birthday party was that year. I gave that up about, oh, 7 stepping stones ago, I think. The girls love doing them, and walking on them, and I know in about 25 years I’ll love the fact that I have all these stepping stones in my lovely garden that I’ll finally have time to weed.

IMG_3284 Friday was a really exciting day. I can’t share all the details yet, in case a certain husband-of-a-friend just happens to read my blog.

He never does.

But just in case…I can’t tell you about it. Let me just say it involved…

Border Patrolmen


Fireman hats



and a surprise.

Very fun.

The picture above is Sarah after school on Friday. Every girl in the  neighborhood was out in the sprinklers on Friday afternoon because it was apparently so hot! I think it was like, 70? From the way the girls were acting, though, I was scared they would have a heat stroke if I didn’t let them go in the sprinkler. Take a closer look at the above picture…tells a bit of a story, doesn’t it? Like, man, it’s kind of cold out here in a wet swimsuit!


Run, Becca, run! First soccer game of her life was on Saturday and she was tearing around that field like nobody’s business! She isn’t terribly brave, but she isn’t afraid to get in the pack either. And it’s a pack. A bunch of 5 & 6 year olds playing soccer is pretty much like…a pack. They all run around in a large group chasing the ball. It’s pretty cute. Amazingly, no one kicked the ball the wrong way! Their coaches have done a good job. :)


And today, May 3, is my mom’s 60th birthday. Here she is with her Ball grand-girls at the celebration today.


And since I didn’t have a “just Bethany” picture up on this post, here’s one of her watching my mom open her gifts. Love that smile, Bets.

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Rachael said...

Your girls keep you quite busy, don't they? Looks like you have fun taking care of them too. Love the pics. You've sparked my curiosity about that "secret" story. Will we get to hear it sometime soon?